What's On Offer

These are some of the skills that could be offered. If there is something you need from the list or you would like to help with a request or offer a skill yourself, please get in touch with us.

Therapeutic Services

A range of complementary therapies available for people living on little or no income who are looking for support with their health and wellbeing.  

Currently sessions will be online.

Group Meet Ups

Get together for socially distanced walks in several locations around our area.

Online socials

Would you like to join us for a quiz and a chat?

Join an art get-together?

Learn how to bake great bread?

Escorting to Appointments and social events

You might need a lift or some support getting to appointments. Or there might be something you really want to do but don't want to go on your own. 

Help with computers, phones and all things tech

Maybe you'd like to learn how to get online, FaceTime your family or use that new phone your children have bought you. There will be people you can ask to help you.


Timebank members could help with picking up shopping for you whether it's food or other shopping. Or come with you to make your shopping experience easier. 

Tara Centre

The Storey

Castle Park



Please note: you MUST call us before visiting


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