What is Timebanking?

  • Timebanking is a way of linking people and organisations that can share their time and skills. 


  • Whenever you give your time to help others you get time back to ask for something you need from another Timebank member.

  • Every one's time is valued equally regardless of what you offer, so 1 hour of time given = 1 time credit.​

  • You get to share your time helping some one else doing things you enjoy. And you can build up your time credits to use whenever you want with whoever you want. ​​

Solomon helps  Caroline with her shopping

Caroline pays back her hour by helping Brandon with his job application

Solomon earns 1 Time Credit

Solomon uses his one hour time credit to learn Spanish from Maxine

How you earn Time Credits

Benefits of Timebanking

  • A time bank puts a structure around the forming and sustaining of human connections through doing things with and for each other, whether this is walking together, fitting someone's lightbulb, or receiving guitar lessons.

  • Timebanking builds on people's strengths and recognises that every one in a community has something to offer.


  • Timebanking helps tackle isolation and loneliness, and provides new opportunities for both individuals, organisations and communities.

  • Strengthening connections between people in the community and between organisations develops resilience. This is crucial in times of local crisis (e.g.flooding) or national emergencies (e.g. the current pandemic). 

  • Timebanking offers access to skills and services to those who would otherwise not be able to access them due to financial limitations. 

  • You will be given 6 Time Credits when you join the Timebank. You can get exchanging whenever you're ready.​

  • You will be credited 1 Time Credit for every hour you offer your time to another Timebank member or support the Timebank in some way.